Buying Property Guide

How to Buy of a Property in Israel?

Practical tips from Simex Realty… or how to buy an apartment or any other real-estate property in Israel with greater peace of mind:


Ask only a Graduate and Licensee Realtor (Richayon Tivou’h) from the Israeli Ministry of Justice…

Your Real Estate Agent found your dream house, start to negociate the price with the owner (Useful information: in Israel everything can be negociated,….).

About the real property asset condition

Main Points to check

– If the advertise area include or exclude the thickness of the external walls
– Condition of the property, the envisaged renovation, traces of moisture on walls and ceiling
– Roof condition and  water-tight or any eventual infiltration
– Heating system
– Exposition, view
– Neighbourhood, other amenities

In case of purchase an apartment in a New Project check:

– if the builder is registered with the government website
– it’s financial situation, status of debts… at the Registrar compagnies Office “Racham Ha’haverot
– Bank guarantees


Plan bleu

Appoint a structural civil Engineer

Whatever your enthusiasm and even you already made a decision, it is crucial to appoint a structural civil Engineer,  prior to the conclusion of any transaction. This Expert Report will ensure you that they is no structural or hidden defects in the asset you want to buy. This expensive report can save or make you money and above all avoid some problems  in constraining further steps in the event of property defects.

Here you are, you’ve made your decision, it’s time to make an appointment with your Lawyer, one who speaks your language…. all kind of problems which other people could have been avoid if they had knowledge of such advices.



Administrative and Legal situation of the Property

Appoint your Lawyer to check with the appropriate authorities to ensure that the property is correctly registered with the competent Land Register Office (Tabo), if any he will forward an official copy of the Land Register Office Property ownership to you (Nessa’h Rishoum)  in which distraints and mortgages will be mentioned, encumbered asset, destruction orders, unlawful construction notification, including inheritance problems.

Your Lawyer will require from the seller, proof that no debts encumbered the property, such as municipales taxes   (Arnona), water (mayim) and electricity (‘hachmal) bills, gaz (gaz),.. up to the date of property acquisition (until the keys are handed over).
Your Lawyer provide you all the official documents mentioned above, arrange a meeting with him and the seller. (Note: in Israel Lawyers act also as Notary Office).

Everything was conducted smoothly, it is right time to “get your chequebook out”… for the richest few …, or Arrange to see your current banker for the loan (Mashkenta) you need to buy the dream property.

Don’t forget, your lawyer assistance…is necessary.

Banks and Loans in Israel

The following is a non-exhaustive list of well known Israelis banks:
– Israel Diskount Bank
– Bank Hapolalim
– Bank Leumi
– Bank Mizra’hi-Tefa’hot

You are a new immigrant (Ole ‘Hadach) ask your Lawyer if you can benefit (depending on your family situation)   preferential rates loan granted by the Ministry of Housing.

Lawyers Fees

– The buyer’s lawyer usually charges fees usually between 1 and 2% of the total selling amount + VAT (Ma’am).
– Concerning old property, buyer and seller will pay their own lawyer.
– When buying a new property from a Developer (Yazam) for example,  the buyer will pay lawyer developer’s fees, which could be up to 2%. + VAT (Ma’am).

Real Estate Agent Fees

The Real EState Agent (Metave’h Nadlan) usually charges up to 2% of the total selling amount + VAT (Ma’am), payable upon the signing of the selling contract.

Other miscellaneous expenses

– the cost of Engineer Appraisal(Mendess) between 500 to 1500$
– The expenses of the Bailiff (Chamaye) that is compulsory to obtain a loan from your Bank.
– Bank charges to obtain the Loan, between 0.25% to 0.6% of the Loan.
– Real estate acquisition taxes, registration fees…

Lexique Basic:

– Property, Asset = Ne’hes Mekarkaim
– Documents = Misma’him
– Loan = Mashkenta
– Impôt sur achat = Mass Re’hicha
– Taxe sur plus-value immobilière = Mass Cheva’h
– Land Registry = Tabou
– Land Administration = Minhal Mekarkaei Israël
– Land ownership = Nessa’h rishoum
– Buyer = Ha koné
– Seller = Ha mo’her
– Contract = ‘Hozé
– Agreement = Eskem
– Lawyert (Notairy) = Ore’h Din
– Real Estate Agent (Realtor) = Metave’h Nadlan
– Expert = Moum’hé
– Court bailiff = Chamaye
– Architect = Hadri’hal
– Engineer = Mendess
– Building Contractor = Kablan
– Hidden defect = Pgam moustar
– Renovation = Tikounim – Chipoutsim
– Municipal Taxes = Arnona
– Electricity = Hachmal
– Gaz = Gaz
– Water = Mayim
– Realtor fees = Dmei Tivou’h

Notice: Never sign, Never pay, without your Lawyer Approval.

You need some advices, looking for a Lawyer or an Engineer, call us today, we’ll recommend you professionnals who enjoy our full confidence.

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